ASME Abstract submission is closed :  Extended
Friday, September 22, 24:00 Friday, September 29, 24:00

● General sessions
Presentations will be made as oral and poster presentations. Only one presentation by the same presenter is allowed. (It is acceptable to be a co-author of a presentation other than the one you are presenting.) Please finish your registration prior to abstract submission.

○ Presentation format
 Oral presentation or Poster presentation

○Research Category
 Please select the appropriate category according to the content of your presentation.

○ Application for the excellent poster presentation award (only for poster presentation)
 For general poster presentations, awards will be given to
 (1) undergraduate and master’s (pre-doctoral) students, (2) doctoral (post-doctoral) students,
 (3) doctoral students, and separately to the best presentations.  

● ASME Young Scientists Multidisciplinary Session
In this sesseion, all presentation will be reviewed and awarded the Young Scientist Multidiscrplinary Session Award. Please enjoy your presentation and science! 

● ASME Sessions
Abstract submission is also required for the invited speakers of the following ASME sessions:

ASME Session “Microbial ecology in marine, fresh water, and terrestrial systems”
ASME Session “Microbial ecology in extreme environment and geomicrobiology”
ASME Session “Biotechnology and applied microbiology”
ASME Session “Host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions, plant associated microbial ecology”  

Abstract Registration

The following information will be required at the registration.

  1. Title
  2. Author list
  3. Affiliation
  4. word and pdf file including 1-3

Additionally, 5.registration ID are required for the registration of general sessions.

Google Form is used for abstract submission. If you do not want to create a google account or have other special circumstances, please provide the above information to the conference committee via E-mail.

To create a PDF file, please use the following MS word file as a template, convert it to a pdf file, and upload it.

Click here to download the template MS word file.

ASME Abstract submission site

Abstract submission for Young Scientists Multidisciplinary Session
(only invited speakers)

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Abstract submission for ASME Sessions (only invited speakers)

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